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I am a 100% sprinkler fan and I think the biggest obstacle to reducing fire deaths and massive property losses is this stupid GRANDFATHER LAW that lets owners get away with not putting them in. Several very large fires in the Boston Area alone would have been minimized if sprinklers had been present. Not to mention the reduction in fire deaths and injuries to persons and fire fighters.

I also agree that the Grandfather law/rule should be rescinded, allowing a maximum of 3-5 years to get the work completed, after that, failure to comply should result in hefty fines and/or imprisonment.

The main reason for not wanting sprinklers has to be cost and when one considers that the installation cost is a one-off charge but the resulting pain, loss of life and restoration costs caused in a serious fire is all but eliminated and considerably cheaper than the potential fire damage.

Not being an American nor living there, I am seriously amazed and disappointed that the legislators have not got their act together to introduce and enforce installation of sprinklers across the board (without exception - save where it is impossible to install sprinklers, e.g. cold stores, but in those cases the installation of a substitute system should be employed).

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