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The media reports the story that will grab the most attention. If you have a large fire, people want to know about it. Today, fire protection systems keep fires from growing but because the water damage from the sprinklers can sometimes be greater than the small fire, the media will focus on the water damage. It is easy for them to forget the lives that may have been saved when they see people being displaced from a building that had a small trash can fire but $100,000 in water damage.
The sprinkler systems in these cases actually did such a great job that now the story is about the water damage. It's unfortunate but it is reality. The only way to combat this is to reduce the amount of water damage that can be created by these systems. You will never be able to change the media.
My company, Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools, believes that by keeping sprinkler shut off tools in buildings and on fire engines, these stories can be greatly reduced. Take away the water damage and people are no longer being displaced, buildings are not being significantly damaged and the story becomes focused on the lives that were saved by the fire sprinklers. We are putting thousands of these tools in buildings and on fire department vehicles and greatly reducing water damage in fire related and accidental activations. Feel free to visit us at www.quickstoptool.com

I would have to respectively disagree with Mr. Scarpuzzi statement that "the water damage from the sprinklers can sometimes be greater than the small fire". I understand he has a product to sell, but unfortunately, it is misinformation like this that leads to the public having a negative opinion about the benefits of a fire sprinkler system. From the Fire Sprinkler Initiative - "Any resulting water damage from the sprinkler will be much less severe than the damage caused by water from fire-fighting hose lines. Fire departments use up to 10 times as much water to extinguish a home fire as fire sprinklers would use to extinguish the same fire." And quoting arbitrary numbers like $100,000 without any other information is also misleading. What would the costs be of the same fire where sprinklers were not present? What is the overall value of the building? A $2 million dollar building that only sustains $2,000 of damage from a fire where sprinklers were present is a win. A $4 million dollar building that sustains $2 million dollars of damage from a fire without sprinklers present is a loss.

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